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This history and memoir is from official journals compiled by Houston as his battalion of 92nd Infantry Division soldiers battled in Italy during World War II. It describes the emotional liberation of Italian people by Buffalo Soldiers as they also fought the Nazis and Fascists with one hand and racism at home and in the military with the other. Fierce combat in the rugged Apennine Mountains comes to life as they assault the German fortifications known as the Gothic Line.

The Italians in the towns and villages liberated by the Buffalo Soldiers called them “Giganti Buoni”, the Good Giants. They did not understand that while the “Good Giants” were giving them their freedom, they would return to a country where they were still 2nd class citizens.

The book may be purchased at Amazon US or Amazon Italy.

Black Warriors: The Return of the Buffalo Soldier

A World War II Buffalo Soldier Returns to Italy

The story of Black Warriors: The Buffalo Soldiers of World War II continues with the publication of BLACK WARRIORS: THE RETURN OF THE BUFFALO SOLDIER. In 2012, the author and his family were invited to come to Italy and be a guest at the Villa la Dogana his Battalion captured in 1944. This invitation was repeated by the grateful people of Tuscany four more years. In the region of Tuscany, where they fought, the Buffalo Soldiers are held in high esteem as liberators and heroes.

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